Cross functioning

GG | 11 January 2019

It is not easy to answer for a future of QA engineering. Some people say that this position has to extinct because there is bo need for testing. Personally I doubt it very much. In high demanding world of IT I cant imagine any software without QA. So what else? Well some others say that QA will need to be more flexible and have to adapt new skills especially in coding to be able to fix the bugs. For this moment I am now facing this new chellange.

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GG | 25 December 2018

It is pitty, but I had no time recently for my blog and I am really sorry for this. I hope a new year 2019 will be a bit easier for me. Anyway, I have got some spare time to share with you my last update which I have done to my mobile testing platform. Due to fact my company is splitting in half and QA jenkins will be buried alive and looks like my jenkins will be spread across the newly born company then I am going to need some more slots to manage new users. So far only...

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Swollen Samsung

GG | 23 November 2018

Some say no pain no gain - This is what happened to our Samsung:

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Jenkins plugins

GG | 15 November 2018

My developmnent team ( 5 front end devs + 2 QA) is responsible for 8 projects at the moment. It’s impossible to maintain so much code without automation and CI. That is why I focuse so much on Jenkins. As I promised in some of the previous posts I will share today with you my favourite Jenkins plugins which I can’t really live without honestly. Unfortunatelly I can’t share with you screenshots from the jobs I created due to my contract limitations so I will use screenshots from official plugin docs.

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Platform check

GG | 13 November 2018

1. Maintaining the platform

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Running test by jenkins

GG | 04 November 2018

1. Let the code open terminal and type for you.

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Parallel and IPhone testing

GG | 20 October 2018

1. How to become IOs developer?

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First mobile test on android device

GG | 19 October 2018

1. Appium - what is it?

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GG | 08 October 2018

1. Reason.

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